It’s amazing what can be done with a little collaboration and a lot of support from our community. This week, we proved just how much by closing on a conservation easement that will protect 358 acres on the rim of Oneida Canyon! As part of the easement, this property, which provides critical habitat for a variety of wildlife and stunning views of the canyon, will be open for the public to enjoy!

The signing and recording of this conservation easement was a result of an ongoing partnership between the Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust, the Environmental Coordinating Committee (ECC), and PacifiCorp. Over the years this partnership has made it possible for Sagebrush Steppe to conserve a number of large properties that are critical to the well-being of the Bear River and its tributaries, the surrounding landscape, and the creatures who roam it and people who use it.

This property is no exception.

Just above the Bear River, it is home to numerous animals including elk, moose, mule deer, Sandhill cranes, and bald eagles. The canyon creates a thermal cover which makes it prime winter habitat. Healthy stands of bitterbrush, sagebrush and juniper intersperse with an upland deciduous forest to create a nice variety of vegetation in which critters can both feast and take cover.

On top of all of that, the landowners, PacifiCorp, have agreed to open this property for people to wander. Located on the rim of the canyon just above the put-in for the popular Oneida Canyon float, this piece of land provides a different and quite spectacular view of the canyon.

While the partnership with PacifiCorp and the ECC was the catalyst in conserving this property, Sagebrush Steppe would not have even been at the table without the dedicated support of our members. Your consistent monetary gifts and gifts of time and expertise, have allowed us to continue to fulfill our goal of protecting and enhancing the natural lands and working farms of southeast Idaho.

So thank you, dear members, for allowing us the capacity to conserve beautiful landscapes like that of Oneida Canyon! We hope that you will be able to take a trip to Oneida Canyon and get out and see for yourself the incredible land you helped protect now and forever.

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