Habitat Haven

Habitat loss and invasive species have a monumental impact on our landscape and can overwhelm our imaginative capacity as to how we as individuals can help. Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust’s (SSLT) “Habitat Haven” program encourages individuals to be a part of the solution by planting native plants that benefit pollinators and birds. Native plants can be readily purchased from The Pocatello Greenhouse (Pocatello), WestWood Growers Conservation Nursery (Pocatello), Brady’s Plant Ranch Greenhouse and Floral (Downey), Grimm Growers (Blackfoot), and North Fork Native Plants (Rexburg). Southeast Idaho’s native plants are essential to our cherished pollinators and birds; you can play a vital role in assuring their prosperity.

Joining the program is easy and can be done online or by calling SSLT. There is a small fee of $25 to join, which covers the cost of a “Habitat Haven” sign and Resource Packet, and will be used to expand the future scope and objectives of the “Habitat Haven” project. Other benefits to joining the program include plants (OUT OF STOCK), wildflower seed mixes (while supplies last), and eligibility to enter various contests like ‘Best Photo of a Pollinator,’ ‘Best Pollinator Art’, ‘Most Pollinator Species Uploaded to iNaturalist’, and ‘Most Members Recruited.’

By transforming your yard, patio, or other space into a “Habitat Haven,” we give a bit of refuge back to species venturing into our urban spaces. Imagine seeing and interacting with a rich array of pollinators such as bees, hummingbirds and maybe even Monarch Butterflies, right in your own backyard. With your help, our community will become more eclectic with the buzz of life. We are here to provide resources and answer questions as you embark on making your space a “Habitat Haven.”

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Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust is a private, nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization incorporated in 2004, and a “qualified organization” within the meaning of section 170(h)(3) of the IRS Code. Federal Tax Identification Number: 82-6092501

Photographs throughout this website were donated by Sarah Jackson and various other Land Trust supporters over the years.


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