Check out this year’s silent auction items!

Note: This year’s silent auction is in-person only. If you wish to bid on any of these auction items, you must attend the Holiday Party & Fundraiser on December 1 from 6p-9p at the Bannock County Veterans Memorial Center (300 N Johnson Ave).

This page will be updated as silent auction items are gathered. Check back regularly for updates.


Auction Item: “Two Hunters” by Cindi Walton

Medium: Digital painting, archival print on cold press paper with pigmented inks. 

Size: 26″x20″ framed

We were camping in a Ponderosa forest. That night we listened to the howling and yipping of a pack of coyotes as we lay in our sleeping bags. The next morning this handsome guy (or gal) skirted our camp, giving me many chances at getting the best photo references. When I began to sketch this composition, placing him in the high desert of the sagebrush steppe was a decision that the muses made for me.

The QR code can be scanned with your phone and will take you to a song written and performed by Mark Kolnes, Boise, Idaho, that was inspired by this painting. Mark and I collaborated on this song and artwork through the “Song as Art, Art as Song” collaboration between artists from the Boise Open Studios Collective and the Idaho Songwriters Association.

Cindi Walton’s artwork is created with acrylic paints, watercolor/gouache or with my iPad and Apple Pencil. No matter the final medium used, she usually starts her art with pen and ink or an old-fashioned pencil.

Auction Item: Four Packages of 6 Notecards of Turkey Vultures, by Cindi Walton

I love vultures. These large soaring birds who are earth’s cleansers; they eat carrion. I am entranced with the way can soar on thermal air with barely a flap of their wings. All the artwork was created on an iPad with an Apple Pencil. Each package contains 6 different images of a Turkey Vulture and an envelope.

Auction Item: Ticket to the Hummingbird Roundup, by The Rudeen Family

Few things are as stunning as a hummingbird in flight but a bird in the hand is another level of awesome! The opportunity to see these animals up close is an intimate experience. Since 2003, we have been researching aspects of hummingbird biology by banding the hummingbirds at Rudeen Ranch, South of American Falls, Idaho.

This ticket is good for one vehicle (up to 8 participants) to the roundup.

Auction Item: My Place Collection, by Kris Millgate, outdoor journalist and Tight Line Media CEO

Emmy-nominated journalist Kris Millgate is donating a signed collection of her outdoor novels. Go behind the scenes of true, wild adventures as she reveals what it’s like to be the lone woman in the woods with beards, follow salmon migration solo during the pandemic and go nose-to-nose with a grizzly bear. The My Place Collection published by Tight Line Media comes signed and cinched in a Toyota pack with a water bottle.

Auction Item: Sharp-tailed Grouse Lek Tour and Breakfast for Four, donated by Nancy Armstrong & E.J. Zita

Enjoy an early morning sharp-tailed grouse lek tour on a conservation easement property in Bannock County. Watch males’ courtship song and dance, while females choose their mates. An Idaho classic.

A nice breakfast will be provided in our home after the lek tour. Enjoy the views while you relax and warm up. Accomodates up to four people.

Auction Item: 2024 Opening Day Pheasant Hunt on a Conservation Easement Property, donated by Nancy Armstrong & E.J. Zita

Enjoy a one-day bird hunt for two guns on a private ranch. Not only will you have the opportunity to hunt for a mixed bag of pheasant and gray partridge, but you will also receive an inside look at how the ranch is sustainably managed, the SAFE program, and the landowners’ goals to improve wildlife habitat on the property.

Bring your dogs, shotguns, and non-toxic loads. Package includes one-day birdhunt for two guns, lunch for four, and a private ranch tour with the landowners. 

Auction Item: Landscape – Conservation Easement – Upper Portneuf River “Croney” custom metal print, donated and photographed by Sarah Jackson

Medium: Photography

Size: 20″x8″

Auction Item: Western Grebes custom metal print

Medium: Photography

Size: 8″x12″

Auction Item: Satyr Comma Butterfly on Maple Leaf custom metal print

Medium: Photography

Size: 5″x7″

Auction Item: Western Honeybee on Lewis Flax Flower custom metal print

Medium: Photography

Size: 5″x5″

Auction Item: Dusky Grouse custom metal print, donated and photographed by Sarah Jackson

Medium: Photography

Size: 12″x8″

Item: Introduction to Fly Fishing Clinic, donated by Snake River Fly

Enjoy an introduction to fly fishing from Pocatello’s very own Snake River Fly. This clinic will teach up to four people about the tips and tricks of fly fishing. The class is tailored to any skill level, from beginner to advanced.

The package also features a Snake River Fly hat and two stickers. 

Auction Item: Honey Gift Basket. Created by Mountain Sweeties Apiary and donated by Sarah Jackson

This basket features:

  • Honey cornbread muffin mix
  • Orange spice tea
  • Raw honey
  • Honeycomb
  • Beeswax food wrap
  • Measuring spoons
  • And more!

The perfect gift for your honey

Auction Item: Framed Herpetology Collages and Book, donated by Sara Goodman

Do you love amphibians and reptiles? Then you’ll love these two framed collages titled “Frog Conservation” and “Curious Snake”. The collages come with Nancy Goodman’s book Fumbling Toward Serenity

Auction Item: Trophy Trout Fishing Trip, donated by Matthew Matkin

Join renowned and local fisherman, Matthew Matkin, for a one-day trophy trout fishing trip. In the Spring or Fall of 2024, Matt will take you and a friend or family member to fish a lower segment of the Snake River – teaching you skills and providing knowledge based on years of local experience. 

Package for two includes lunch, flies, rods, and reels. 

Auction Item: Deluxe Dutch Oven, Dutch Oven Carry Bag, and two Dutch Oven stands. 

This 12 quart, 14″ pre-seasoned cast iron Dutch Oven is great for searing, braising, frying, soups, stews, and baking. Perfect for any occasion, you can use this Dutch Oven package when camping around a fire, relaxing after a fun hunting or fishing trip, family entertainment, and even catering. The options are endless! 

The carry bag will allow you to easily store and transport your Dutch Oven, and the stands ensure stability for all your campfire cooking needs. 

Auction Item: Cutting Board, donated and created by Rod Anderson

Handcrafted by local woodworker, Rod Anderson, this one-of-a-kind cutting board is built solid to last for decades of kitchen use. This piece is composed of black walnut, purple heart, and repurposed wood. 

Auction Items: The Night Sea Crossing medallions, created by John Caccia

In recognition of the 100th birth year of the artist Sara Joyce (1923-2011), these bronze medallions were created in 2023 by her oldest son, Idaho Silversmith John Caccia. The image depicted on the medallion is a reproduction of Sara’s vividly expressed oil painting entitled “Night Sea Crossing”. 

The “Night Sea Crossing” portrays the transition from waking consciousness to the dream state. Sara methodically recorded and analyzed her dreams – frequently incorporating these dream images into her artwork. 

Go online to to learn more about her and view the archived collection of over 300 art pieces, created in a variety of mediums that Sara developed over her lifetime. 

Auction Item: State of Idaho Sculpture, donated and created by Bill Andrews

Hand crafted by Wild Bill Andrews, this marble Idaho sculpture will be a beautiful addition in any home. Surely a conversation piece, this artwork can serve as a wonderful housewarming gift to show your state pride!

Auction Item: Three-legged Wooden Stool, donated and created by Bill Andrews

Hand crafted by Wild Bill Andrews, this beautiful wooden stool is made of elm, lodge pole pine, and aspen. It will be a great addition to your log cabin, rustic-themed home, or any humble abode!

Auction Item: Flying Elk Ranch custom metal print, donated and photographed by Chuck Peterson

Medium: Photography

Size: 16″ x 24″

Auction Item: Ice Crystals custom metal print, donated and photographed by Chuck Peterson

Medium: Photography

Size: 8″ x 8″


Auction Item: Male Calliope Hummingbird custom metal print, donated and photographed by Chuck Peterson

Medium: Photography

Size: 8″ x 8″


Auction Item: Yellowstone and the Biology of Time, by Mary Meagher & Douglas B. Houston. Donated by Dave Pacioretty

Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is the oldest and one of the largest national parks in the world. In this remarkable book, scientists Mary Meagher and Douglas B. Houston present one hundred sets of photographs that compare the Yellowstone of old with the park of today. 

Auction Item: Neon Yellow and Black Cycling Gear, donated by Dave Pacioretty

Size: Medium

This brand new, never been worn cycling gear is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast! The comfortable semi-form fit jacket provides wind, water, and UV protection. The prism pants are completely windproof, fast drying, and features exceptional durable water repellency.

Auction Item: Tiger Wood Pen

Donor/Creator: Dick Emerson

This beautiful pen made of tiger wood and metal is a unique and stylish writing element that combines elegance with functionality. It is a great gift for graduates, artists, scholars, novelists, or anyone who appreciates gorgeous craftmanship and fine writing instruments. A gift to be cherished for years to come.